Tumblr User Agreement

mkirilova, 13 април, 2021

Thanks tumblr, no one likes this and if you use the mobile app, you can`t even erase it. If you need so much attention, why don`t you do something original? While The Tumblr user base was generally included as a welcome of people from a variety of ideologies and identities, a common criticism is that user attitudes on the site stifle discussion and speech. In addition, several incidents involving serious behaviour have been made public by the user base in recent years; These include the “Independence Day Raid” in 2014, in which Tumblr users attempted to: 4chan to attack,[95] for the heist alone, when 4chan returned the favor,[96] as well as an incident in 2015 where members of the universe`s Steven fanome pushed an artist to attempt suicide on their artwork. , in which they drew thin characters, generally considered “fat” in the show. [97] In 2018, Kotaku journalist Gita Jackson described the site as a “joyless black hole,” citing how the site`s design and functionality “lost control of fandoms” and an environment that held back discussions and speeches. [98] Using Tumblr brands. Under no circumstances: (i) tumblr brands or trademarks that are or derive in a confusing manner with Tumblr brands (including, but not limited to “TUMBL,” “TUMBLOG,” “TUM” and “BLR”) (“confused marks”), as part of your trade name (registered or registered) or using other logos or other trademarks; (ii) include or use Tumblr trademarks or confusing brands in connection with names, domain names, logos or other license application brands; or (iii) to use Tumblr brands or confusing brands in a way that creates or can create a sense of support, sponsorship or connection with Tumblr, unless Tumblr has expressly authorized it in writing. Any use of Tumblr brands and any goodage resulting from such use benefits Tumblr. You can freely specify and indicate that you use Tumblr, tumblr-API or Tumblr Firehose services, as long as you comply with all restrictions on the use of Tumblr brands, including those mentioned in the Tumblr brand policy. You are responsible for making sure users know that your app has not been created or supported by Tumblr. I`ve been buying music for years to play and buy music, and I really love it. I especially appreciate regular updates and new features, like your latest version of June 2. For some reason, before downloading the new version, I decided to take a look at the new usage agreement, which I rarely do before I agree with these things.

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