Socan Membership Agreement

mkirilova, 12 април, 2021

The three main types of performance publishing agreements are: – You must terminate your SODRAC affiliation before joining SOCAN RR SOCAN, a list of unidentified concerts in the secure member area Just log in, then go to the socan Performances – Directory, select non-identification performances, and then select concerts without a set list. We advise you to browse this list in search of concerts where you think your music has been played, and in this case, all the other unpaid concerts that you may be aware of. We need your help to make you pay. SOCAN is constantly improving its service offering, and all the benefits it makes as a collective and not-for-profit organization are the revenues of its members. You benefit from SOCAN`s importance and notoriety when it comes to negotiating with decision makers, users and broadcasters, and you benefit from dozens of general agreements negotiated with different users and rates approved by the Copyright Commission and covering a large number of rights. A candidate for membership as a Writer Member meets one (1) of the following requirements before being considered for SOCAN membership: In order to maximize the potential return on copyright, if a national publishing house wishes to operate a catalogue of songs internationally, the publishing house is generally aimed at publishers based in foreign territories. Your agreement is called a sub-publication contract. Make sure you are informed. If you are a SOCAN member or client and you have registered your works with SOCAN, we will deduct ALL royalties due to you for performance and/or reproduction.

We do this on your behalf through our mutual agreements with other music rights organizations around the world. It is important to keep your catalogue up to date with all new factory requests and/or to inform SOCAN of new publishing contracts. Inform SOCAN about the international use of your works, and it`s always a good idea to check your statements. Call us or email us if you have any questions, and we will be sure to review on your behalf any unclaimed copyrights that may be due to you. The advantages of under-publishing are obvious: the foreign publisher ideally has the contacts necessary to discover works in this field and the administrative capacities to collect subsequent royalties. Securing blankets is part of the task, but a sub-publisher is responsible for registering, licensing and documenting a catalogue.

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