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mkirilova, 10 април, 2021

3. DATA PROTECTION. You can view Jobscore`s privacy policy at, as it changes from time to time and which is included as a reference. JobScore will not use your data that is inconsistent with the purposes and restrictions specified in the privacy policy. You have certain rights to change the information, which you actually forwarded to JobScore, but you acknowledge and accept that this right does not apply to information that 1) JobScore has already passed on to employers, 2) You have provided to employers using the services when applying for employment with an employer, and/or 3) JobScore can be used as an unidentifiable part of the summary and statistical data, all of which are described in the employment confidentiality policy in JobScore also reserves the right to change your privacy status or account settings and will notify you of such a change. If you believe that your copyrights, trademark rights or other third-party rights have been infringed, please inform legal (at) jobscore (dot) com and JobScore will investigate. Unemployment benefit was first introduced in 1911 under the National Insurance Act of 1911 for job seekers who contributed to social security (“stamp”). The maximum amount allowed was seven shillings per week ($36 in 2019).

[4] These payments were therefore made only to recently employed individuals and not just to low-income individuals. In addition, benefits were only paid for up to 12 months, until an applicant had to return to work. Ask as quickly as possible, as you must comply with the current job search contract until your work coach has agreed to change it. You can ask to change part of your job seeker`s agreement, but you need your work coach to accept that. This is the person you meet when you sign up. You can request changes because the agreement was not realistic from the beginning or because of a change in circumstances. For example, if an applicant has not provided enough contributions, they may be entitled to an income-based allowance for job seekers. To qualify for an income-related investment allowance, you must work an average of less than 16 hours per week, your partner must work less than 24 hours and you must have no more than $16,000 in savings. You can also apply for an income-based allowance for job seekers if you have already received your 182-day benefit on job application assistance. You and your work coach can agree on this point: you can apply for this service online or by phone and you will be invited to a job interview in your jobcenterlichen Plus to finalize the application.

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