Complying Agreement Under S66A

mkirilova, 8 април, 2021

On December 14, 2010, the worker filed a lump sum claim for permanent impairments pursuant to Law 66 of the Workers Compensation Act 1987 (2010). The worker`s lump sum claim was resolved by a 7% agreement from WPI. The facts are undisputed and concern a worker, Mr. Green, who was injured in the back on May 24, 2005. Mr. Green filed a claim for damages against his employer, Cram Fluid Power Pty Ltd, within 6 months of the breach. On December 14, 2010, he filed a lump sum claim for permanent impairment under S 66, which was resolved in 2010 by a compliance agreement (s66A) for 7% of WPI (the 2010 claim). Mr. Green`s condition deteriorated and he had to undergo surgery in September 2012.

Following an operation, Mr. Green filed a Section 66 permanent claim on October 29, 2013. This fee amounts to 22% depreciation of the entire person (with credit for the amount paid for the 2010 fee) (the 2013 fee). This assertion was not resolved by mutual agreement and Mr Green initiated proceedings with the Commission. 3 SECTION 3 OTHER DOCUMENTS (continued) WC TOILETTES095 Approval Orders – WCC-Decision Certificate WC096 WorkCover CAS – No Response Call Sheet WC264. HPT Centrelink Authority for Disclosure of Personal Data PI Business [SI039] WC WC265. HPT Centrelink Compensation Advice of Lump Sum Payments [SS446] WC WC267. HPT Centrelink Compensation Advice for Periodic Payments [SS445] Section 4 COMPENSATION WORKERS COMMISSION FORMS Part Details Information on WCC forms… 1 WCCF1 expedited review request (form 1)…

4 WCCF1A requests the revocation of an intermediate payment directorate (form 1A)… 12 WC WCCF1B response to the accelerated review request (form 1B)… 16 WC WCCF2 dispute resolution application (form 2)… 21 WC WCCF2U uninsured employer cover sheet (supplement to form 2 or 2D form)… 35 WC WCCF2S Section 162 Coverage (form 2 supplement or 2D form)… 36 WC WCCF2M Coverage several employers (form 2 supplement or 2D form)… 37 WCCF2A response to the dispute claim (form 2A)… 39 WC WCCF2B application to join a party to the procedure (form 2B)…

46 WC WCCF2C Late Document Authorization Request (Form 2C)… 50 WC WCCF2D application regarding the worker`s death (2D form)… 53 WC WCCF4 service certificate (form 4)… 61 WC WCCF5A Request to register a notification agreement (form 5A)… 64 WCCF5C request for determination of the Liability Commute (form 5C)… 70 WC WCCF6 application for the settlement of a work-related accident (form 6)… 77 WC WCCF7 Request for evaluation by a certified specialist (form 7)… 83 WC WCCF7A response to Appln for evaluation by a licensed medical specialist (form 7A)… 89 WC WCCF8 direction for production (form 8)… 93 WC WCCF8A Appln for Leave to Serve a Direction for Production Outside the State (Form 8A)… 97 WC WCCF8_SE SEPA Notification to Producer/Witness outside New South Wales WCCF8B Summons to Wait (Form 8B) WC WCCF9 Appeal against Arbitrator`s Decision (Forme9) WC WCCF9A Appeal against Arbitrator`s Decision (Form 9A) WCCF10 Appeal Against Decision of Approved Specialist (Form 1 0) WCCF10A Appeal against The Decision of the Medical Medical Officer (Form 10A) WCCF11 Directorate of Access to Information and Premises (Form 11) WCCF11A Service Certificate for Replacement Claim (Form 11A) WC WCCF11B Request to Correct An Error Prior Notification (form 11B) WCCF11C Request for Mediation of Work Injury (Form 11C) WC WCCF11D Response to the Claim for Mediation of a Right to Damages Compensation (Form 11D) 142 WC WCCF11E Pre-registration Request (Form 11E) ) WCCF11 Opposition notification to complete a pre-notification statement (form 11F) WCCF13 for branches of a legal question (form 13) WCCF13A WCCF13A Notice of objection against Appln on branches of a legal question (form 13A) WCCF14A WCCF14A Procedure Closing Agreement (Form 14A) WC WCCF14B Election to Discontinue Proceedings (Form 14B) WC WCCF15 Appln for Cost Assessment (according to 6 in effect before November 1, 2006) (form 15) WCCF15A Cost Assessment Request (according to The 6 in effect November 1, 2006) (formula 15) WCCF15A Cost Assessment Request (according to The 6 in effect November 1, 2006) (formula 15)

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