Collective Agreement 8 Of 2003 Pdf

mkirilova, 14 септември, 2021

(a) within the time limit laid down for that purpose in the collective agreement; or (a) consider the matter that it has defined as part of an essential services agreement between the employer and the negotiator; and 2. As far as possible, the choice can only be changed after the conclusion of the individual collective agreement. (b) the employer and the negotiator are subject to the condition that they have entered into an agreement on essential services. 123 (1) If the employer and the negotiator are unable to enter into a contract for essential services, either employer and negotiator may ask the committee to determine any unresolved matter that may be included in an essential services agreement. The application may, at any time but at the latest (7) If the application relates to a specific position to be defined in the Essential Services Agreement, the employer`s proposal shall have priority with respect to the position, unless the position is defined by the board of directors in such a way that it is not of the nature required by the employer: to provide essential services. 2. Termination may take place at any time and no later than twenty days after the date of collective bargaining. Marginal note:Obligation to implement the provisions of collective agreement 116 A collective agreement is deemed valid for one year, unless the collective agreement sets a longer period. 112 A separate agency may enter into a collective agreement with the negotiator, with the agreement of the Governor, on a bargaining unit composed of workers from the separate agency. 3. The parties who opt for collective bargaining referred to in subsection 1 shall, without delay after election 109 (1) Notwithstanding all other provisions of that Party, the employer and one or more negotiators may jointly opt for collective bargaining in order to conclude a single collective agreement, binding on two or more bargaining units.

2. The collective bargaining referred to in paragraph 1 may concern more than one department or other part of the federal public administration if each of the deputy directors concerned opts for collective bargaining. 110 (1) Subject to the other provisions of this Part, an employer, the negotiator of a bargaining unit and the deputy head of a particular department referred to in Schedule I to the Financial Administration Act or any other part of the federal public administration set out in Schedule IV to this Act may jointly decide to negotiate collective agreements in accordance with the terms and conditions of employment of all workers in negotiations, I did not continue the Unit employed in this department or in any other branch of the federal public administration. . . .

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