City Employment Agreement

mkirilova, 14 септември, 2021

CONSIDERING that the employee wishes to accept a job as a city manager of _______;; The Employer may not at any time, during the term of this Agreement, reduce the worker`s salary, remuneration or any other financial benefit, except for unavoidable budgetary reasons. C. The worker undertakes to remain exclusively employed by the employer until 1 December 1985 and not to accept any other employment or to resume another employment with another employer until 1 December 1985, unless the date of dismissal is influenced as follows: C. This Agreement shall enter into force on 1 December 20__ For example, the Commission and the staff shall meet at least once a year to evaluate and evaluate the performance of the staff at the meeting or at the achievement of the objectives formally adopted by the Commission. These annual assessments shall be carried out at least 120 days before the annual renewal date of the agreement. One. The text contained therein represents the entire agreement between the parties. One. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent, limit or otherwise affect the Commission`s right to terminate the services of the agent at any time, subject to the provisions of Section 4, paragraphs A and B of this Agreement. ACCORDINGLY, the Municipal Commission of _______ had this agreement signed and executed on its behalf by its Mayor and duly validated it by its Municipal Secretary, and the employee signed and executed this agreement in duplicate, the day and year first. B. In the event that the employer reduces, at any time during the term of this Agreement, the worker`s salary or other financial benefits, except for unavoidable budgetary reasons, or if, after written notification, the employer refuses to comply with any other provision that would benefit the worker or terminates the employee on the basis of a formal or informal proposal, by the Commission, the worker may, in this case, be considered “terminated” after his election at the time of the refusal to comply with the principle and context of the severance pay contained therein.

D. Where any provision or part thereon is held to be unconstitutional, invalid or unenforceable in this Agreement, the remainder of that Agreement or its provision shall be deemed severable, shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect. B. This agreement is linked to the legal heirs and executors of the worker`s will and must be used for the benefit of this agreement. . . .

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