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mkirilova, 14 септември, 2021

The government is implementing a work programme to replace the EU`s international agreements with bilateral agreements ready to leave the EU for the UK, either in the event of a no-deal or at the end of the proposed implementation period. This is an essential preparation for the UK`s exit from the EU to ensure that the UK can, to the extent possible and possible, maintain the benefits of these agreements, thus providing continuity and stability for businesses and individuals. They also provide for the possibility of exchanging information on technical assistance provided to third countries in order to improve those measures. The agreements also provide for both parties to strive to simplify and harmonize customs procedures, taking into account the work of international organizations such as the World Customs Organization (WTO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). They provide for the two parties to cooperate in the establishment of customs procedures and formalities in order to facilitate trade between them. The Commission has concluded customs cooperation agreements and mutual assistance arrangements with all the countries of our Eastern Neighbourhood as well as with all the other Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union: Russia 4, Armenia 5, Kazakhstan 6 and Kyrgyzstan 7. An international agreement is the appropriate and necessary instrument to create a legal basis for customs cooperation and mutual assistance with a third country, and taking into account our objective of integrating customs cooperation with Belarus, given that it is the only country remaining on the eu`s eastern border that is not yet covered by a customs agreement. The Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Act 2018 provides the powers necessary for the UK to create an autonomous customs system after the UK`s withdrawal from the EU. .

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