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Registration form 103 must reach ICAO within 30 days of the start of the article. Years: The candidate ca has the right to the article only if the candidate has concluded both or one IPCC CA group. This is the registration form. You must indicate on the form the diagram under which you registered for the article. (Direct entrance or foundation route.) You need to enter details such as your name, date of birth, degrees, etc. Your director must also fill in his data in the corresponding section of the form. Years: No, CA is not possible without an article. The article is part of becoming a CA. If you wish to follow an industrial training during your last year of training in the article, you must inform your director of your intention. You must do this at least 3 months before the date on which you wish to start such training. Moreover, it is very important to check that the industrial training company is on the list of companies approved by the ICAI. All the above documents must be certified by the practicing chartered accountant, under which the student`s training begins, that is, the director.dem. The candidate can begin his practical training by filing Form 103 at the same time as an on-demand draft with the necessary fee.

This is because students who have already paid the fees at the time of registration of the items are not required to pay them again. Question 3. When can a CA candidate be eligible for the article? ICAI has provisions for the transfer or extension of your item. You must fill in the corresponding forms. See the section below for an overview of most forms related to artikelship. After you have registered for approximately items and your forms have been verified, ICAI will send you a confirmation letter with your CA Articleship I-Card. ICAI also sends you and your sponsor the letter of registration of the articles. It can take up to a few months for the trial. Ans: The course of the article is mentioned in detail at the top of this page.

We have already talked about your selection of the item. So we won`t go into much detail. 3. Candidates must then complete the professional experience during the article. You must complete the form in three copies. One of them is for you. Another is for your sponsor. And you must send the third copy to ICAI within 30 days of the start of sending. Form 103, along with the necessary documents and fees, should reach ICAI within 30 days of the date you start taking your item with you. Form 102 is available from ICAO offices.

It must be made of out-of-court stamp paper or as a special stamp. The deed has a period of 3 years and is signed by Articled Assistant and Principal. The client refers here to the employer, a member who, in accordance with the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988, allows the training of the Articled Assistants, Audit Assistants. . . .

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